Collaborative Process

Below is the basic workflow for editing a showreel. It’s a collaborative process which includes unlimited re-cuts in the £250 flat rate.

You’ll work with your editor until you are pleased with the cut and ready to approve it. You may wish to experiment with the running order of clips or make scene edits to maximise your screen time: the objective is to make the biggest impact in the shortest time. Once you’re happy with the cut, and upon payment of the invoice, the high-def master file is sent to you.

The Workflow

supply materials

Supply Material

You provide us with the clips you’d like to use to create your reel. Send them to us with Wetransfer or a similar file-sharing site.

rough edit

Rough Edit of Clips

Once they are in our system, your clips will be edited into a rough cut for you to view in low resolution. Take some time to consider the running order and content.

client comments

Client Comments/Instructions

Feedback some thoughts and ideas on how you would like to improve the cut. Your editor will guide you if needed.

cut of real

Cut of Reel

The reel will be re-edited for maximum impact. You’re in control of what goes in, but your editor will make suggestions based on what casting directors look for in a showreel.

re edit


There’s no rush; the sequence will be fine cut until you’re completely happy with the result.

sound mix

Sound Mix

Once we have the final picture edit, the sound will be mixed. Sound levels are balanced and made technically correct.

client aproval

Client Final Approval





We send you the full quality Master File.

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