No Obligation

No obligation assessment of current reel


Absolutely no obligation. Just a constructive critique of your existing reel and helpful advice on how to improve it.


Clip search


Trouble finding or accessing your clips? Been in a show on TV but can’t access it? If it’s on the web, we can usually retrieve it for you. Using powerful media search tools, we will endeavour to find your production and download it in high quality. We also de-encrypt files for editing.

Full Reel

Full reel


A visual cv showcasing your strongest work. Together with your editor, you’ll edit and re-edit your reel until you have the final product. You’ll be sent draft quality copies of each cut throughout the process. Then, when you have approved the final version, we’ll send you the high-def master file.




Fast-cut to music, a sizzle reel is a one-minute promo-montage of your best close-ups and snappiest dialogue. It’s a taster reel which you or your agent may choose to send out ahead of your regular showreel. Because they’re short, the file size is small enough to send as an email attachment.




Having problems with file sizes and compression? Need to re-size your file for Have you noticed a drop in quality after compressing for the web? Using professional compression software, we ensure the best trade-off between quality and file size.




After your reel has been completed, your project and all the edits will be stored safely. Once we have your media on our system, it’s easy to retrieve it with all of your edits. Perhaps you require different versions of your reel. With your project at our fingertips, any variants are easy and quick to turn around.




With your project safely archived, updates are quick and simple. So when you’re ready to update, feel free to send us your new material and we’ll refresh your reel. If you’ve never used us before, just send your existing reel along with the new material, and we’ll do the rest!


Sound and pic enhancements


Picture grading, sharpening and sound eq/sweetening are available to give your footage an extra lift.


Sound and pic corrections


Think your clips look or sound a bit dodgy? Think they’re unusable? Think again. Much can be done to rescue your footage.

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Free assessment and feedback on your existing showreel.