Shooting a self-taped audition

  • Soft lighting is the best choice for a taped audition. Natural light or a soft lamp will work (or both).
  • Don’t shoot against a window or bright background.
  • If using a phone perform close to the phone to get the best sound. Use an external microphone if you can.
  • Have a friend read for you. Make sure the eyeline (the angle at which you look off-camera) isn’t too steep. Have them stand slightly off cam so both sides of your face are visible.
  • Shoot in mc/u (head and shoulders), and preferably include a full-length shot at the start.
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Ideal Setup

Self Tape Diagram

Try to stay on a mark so you don’t move too much in frame. If there’s no operator for the camera leave the focus on auto in case you move forward and backwards in the frame​.

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